Natural leather sofas are incredibly comfortable. Our sofas are 100% made of genuine leather, combined with high-density foam and pocketed spring, and a lot of care has been placed to ensure that the sofas live up to your expectations. Do not be surprised to see wrinkles and scars on your sofa as they are distinctive features of natural leather. It shows the authenticity of each leather sofa.


What goes into your sofa?

SCANLIVING sofas are crafted from 100% genuine leather, in several combinations. 

Thickness of leather: 1.3 - 1.5mm

Here are the types of leather that go into a SCANLIVING sofa:

1. Made from Buffalo and Cow leather.

2. 100% Genuine Leather:

At SCANLIVING, our sofas are made with 100% leather. Just leather, no PVC.

a. Semi-Aniline Leather
Semi-Aniline Leather is more durable than aniline whilst retaining a natural appearance. It is also softer as only a thin layer of pigment is used to coat its surface. This type of leather is suitable for people who want to see the natural beauty of leather, but would also like the durability and some of the colour consistency that comes with corrected grain leather.

b. Corrected Top Grain Leather

Corrected grain leather refers to hides that have been buffed or sanded on the grain surface in order to remove marks or imperfections. It is created by splitting a piece or pieces of full-grain leather, removing the imperfections and embossing fake grain patterns on to it. As opposed to Full Grain Leather, the Corrected Grain is usually slightly less expensive, less prone to carrying marks and is more stain resistant.

c. Genuine Leather Split
SCANLIVING uses genuine leather split at the back and side of the leather sofas with no PVC coating. The split leather is created when the thick leather surface skin is divided into two layers over the entire leather surface and hence the process is called splitting. The top layer is Top Grain and the bottom layer is also known as split leather.