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Deliveries & Storage


Do you deliver overseas?

We are currently only able to support deliveries to addresses in Singapore.

When do you deliver?

Our deliveries are on Weekdays and Saturdays, excluding public holidays.

What’s the lead/waiting time?

Lead time for deliveries are subject to available stocks. Our staff will be able to advise on stock availability upon request.
For in-stock items: 1 week
For out-of-stock/pre-order items: 90 - 120 days, depending on product.

Can I choose a date for my delivery?

Yes, our staff will be able to assist in selecting a delivery date upon placing your order. Kindly note that delivery dates are subject to availability.

Can I change my delivery date?

Yes, kindly contact any of our showrooms, or our Customer Service to reschedule your delivery date 3 days prior to your originally scheduled date. We seek your understanding that rescheduling is also subject to availability. 

Can I choose a time for my delivery?

No, as delivery times are subject to the volume of deliveries on the date of your choice. Please allow us to contact you at your provided contact number with a delivery time window 5 days prior to your chosen delivery date. A call-back number will be provided, so that you can contact us should the allocated time be inconvenient.

How much do you charge for deliveries?

Deliveries are charged per trip per address, at S$60 (Weekdays) or S$85 (Saturdays). 

Can you waive delivery charges?

Yes, delivery charges are waived with purchases above S$2500.

Are there assembly and installation charges?

Assembly and installation charges are included in the delivery fees.


How long can you hold my purchase?

Purchased items can be held at our warehouse for up to 6 calendar months from the date of your purchase. 

Any additional charges if I need to postpone my delivery past 6 calendar months?
Yes, additional charges will be applicable after the stipulated 6 months:
For the 7th month - S$50, or 10% of the total sales order amount (whichever is higher).
From the 8th month onward - S$50, or 10% of the total sales order amount (whichever is higher), per week.





Disposal / Trade-in 

Can you dispose my existing furniture?

Sorry, we currently do not provide such services.
Customers in HDB residences may contact the respective town councils for disposal services. Customers in Private/Landed residences will have to contact private contractors for disposals.

Do you accept trade-ins?

Sorry, due to hygiene concerns, we do not accept trade-ins.


Do you custom-make furniture?

Sorry, we do not.

Can you custom part of the sofa in a different size?

Sorry, we are unable to accept such requests at this point in time.

Can I order my sofa in a different colour?

Yes, however we are only able to support such customisations for sofas made in Malaysia using currently-available colours. Any such order will incur

    1. Additional charges - $150 on top of showroom price for sofas only
    2. Lead time - of 4 months from the date of your order
Can I customize the legs of my sofa?

Sorry, we are unable to accept such requests at this point in time.

Other services

Do you provide re-upholstery services?

No, but we’re happy to recommend our partners for re-upholstery services.

Do you provide cleaning services?

Cleaning can be done at home with cleaning/conditioning kits.

I need help with repairs; can you help?

Depending on the scope of repair requirements, we may/may not be able to cater to the repairs. A quotation will be provided for any repairs we are able to support. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation. Please note that we will only entertain requests for SCANLIVING sofas.


Products, Materials, Components

What type of leather do you use?

SCANLIVING sofas are made from Buffalo or Cow leather. For more details, please refer to SCANLIVING LEATHER.

What material is the sofa frame made from?

For more information about our materials, please refer to OUR MATERIALS

How do I maintain my sofa?

Please refer to LEATHER CARE for maintenance tips. Certain models may have different requirements; please feel free to approach any of our sales representatives for details.

Why does the colour of my sofa differ from what I saw in the showroom?

No two sofas are alike and due to the difference in grain structure in the hides. It causes dyes and coating to penetrate to different degrees. This gives each sofa its unique look. 






       1 year from date of delivery.
    Does not cover leather.
    For manufacturing defects of structural and mechanical components only.
        Applicable Actions
        All warranty claims will be subject to review by SCANLIVING.
        SCANLIVING reserves the right to reject any claims for defects which are results of wear-and-tear.
        SCANLIVING reserves the right to reject any claims if a proof of purchase is not provided.


            Return / Exchange Policy

            We do not accept returns for any of our products. 
            Requests for exchanges are subject to review. SCANLIVING reserves the right to
            1. Reject requests for exchanges
            2. Impose re-stocking and/or transportation charges



                Refunds are in the form of a product voucher, which are valid for one calendar year, and are fully transferable (i.e. can be given to someone else).
                Requests for cash refunds are subject to review. SCANLIVING reserves the right to reject such requests.
                1. A bank administration charge will be applicable for approved cash refunds; this will be deducted from the refund amount.
                2. Such refunds are provided in the form of a cheque only.

                Payment reversals can only be done at the showroom at which your purchase was made, on the same day. As transaction settlements are done on a daily basis, any request for payment reversals after a showroom has ceased operations for the day cannot be entertained. 

                All refunds (product voucher or cheque) must be collected in-person, by the customer whose details are on the original sales order.


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                  OTHER FAQ

                  Prices & Promotions

                  Do your prices include GST?

                  Yes, all prices reflected online and/or in showrooms are inclusive of prevailing Goods and Services Taxes.

                  Can delivery charges be waived?

                  Yes, delivery charges are waived for purchases above S$2500.

                  When is your next promotion?

                  Please follow us on Facebook for updates.

                  I bought something yesterday, and it’s on promotion today. Can I get a refund for the difference in amount?

                  Yes, however such refunds may only be given in the form of Product Vouchers. More about refunds can be found in OUR WARRANTY & RETURNS


                  Additional costs

                  We want to be completely transparent with what you’re paying for. Here’s a summary of additional costs that may be incurred.

                  Standard Deliveries
                  Standard Delivery charges apply to all purchases below S$2500. Our deliveries are charged per trip per address, at S$60 (Weekdays) / S$85 (Saturdays).

                  Some items may be required to be delivered to higher floors, without available elevators. In such cases, additional manpower fees will be collected on-site, at S$10 per item per floor, starting from the 3rd floor.
                  Failed deliveries
                  A re-delivery may be required in the case of failed deliveries. In such cases, standard delivery charges will be applied for re-deliveries. Please refer to our BUYING GUIDELINES for more information about failed deliveries.
                  Re-stocking fees are applicable for returns of normal, non-defective goods and/or failed deliveries. 
                  For purchase amounts up to S$500, 10% of purchase amount.
                  For purchase amounts above S$500: capped at $100
                  Additional charges will be applicable after 6 calendar months from the date of your order: 
                    1. For the 7th month - S$50, or 10% of the total sales order amount (whichever is higher).
                    2. From the 8th month onward - S$50, or 10% of the total sales order amount (whichever is higher), per week.
                  Servicing & additional transportation
                  Servicing charges will be quoted upon review. Standard delivery charges are applicable if transportation is required.

                  Placing an order

                  Where can I buy your products?

                  Our products can be viewed and purchased at any of our showrooms.


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                  LEATHER CARE

                  Common issues

                  As leather is a natural material, it is subject to wear and tear from daily use. Damages resulting from wear and tear are commonplace and are not considered manufacturing defects. Some common results of wear and tear can include (but are not limited to): 

                  • This can happen if your sofa is placed by the window, where it is exposed to direct and constant sunlight.
                  • This can be caused by exposure to extreme temperatures, scratches, or improper storage methods.


                  General maintenance / What to avoid 

                  • Avoid
                    • Exposing your sofa to extreme temperatures
                    • Sharp edges that may cause scratches
                    • Spills
                    • Jumping on sofas - this is not only unsafe for the user, it can also compromise the leather, the sofa’s inner construction and mechanisms.
                    • Placing leather furniture against painted walls for extended periods of time.
                    • Placing your sofa in direct sunlight or under intense indoor light.
                    • Do not use harsh soap, household detergents or unapproved solvents to clean your sofa. Using the leather kit is recommended.
                  • Remove any plastic coverings from your sofa. This allows your leather to ‘breathe’, and prevents the buildup of moisture and mildew.
                  • Watch out for children's’ hands near exposed mechanisms of storage sofas or recliners/incliners.
                  • It is alright to use a wet cloth to clean the sofa, but a cleaner that is non-water based is highly recommended as water is a good medium for mould. Look for a cleaner with alcohol based which is quick drying. Leather wipe wet tissue cloth is also another alternative.
                  • Occasionally maintain your sofa with a cleaning and/or moisturizing routine.

                  Recommended tools for maintenance / DIY minor repairs 

                  • For cleaning
                    • Microfibre cloth
                    • Leather cleaner

                  For Maintenance - Leather Care Products

                  A little care for your leather sofa helps to prolong its lifetime! Note that leather care products are only applicable for the entire SCANLIVING range except for Malli Sofa.

                  Step 1: Leather Cleaner
                  This is for the gentle removal of dirt and grime on your leather sofa.

                  • Shake the container well.
                  • Spray the Fabric Cleaner to the area which needs to be cleaned, from a distance between 10 - 20 cm.
                  • Wipe it clean with a damp microfiber cloth.
                  • Allow the leather to dry completely.
                  • Next, apply the Leather Protector.
                  Step 2: Leather Protector
                  To protect against stains, dirt and grime.
                  • Shake the container well.
                  • Spray the Fabric Protector on the affected area from a distance between 10 - 20 cm
                  • Rub gently over the area with a sponge or cloth.
                  • Allow the leather to dry completely for at least 30 minutes.
                  • Next, apply the Leather Deodoriser
                  Step 3: Leather Deodorizer
                  Eliminate the odor caused by bacteria. Keep your leather odor free and fresh.
                  • Remove surface dirt with the Leather Cleaner.
                  • Dip a clean cloth into the Leather Deodorizer.
                  • Rub gently over the area with a cloth.
                  • Allow the leather to dry completely.


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                  CONTACT US

                  Please use our chat function to get in contact with us. If our chat agents are available, a support ticket will be automatically created so that we may get in touch with you. Please ensure that you have provided a valid email address, or contact/sales order number (if applicable) so that we may contact you via the support ticket to address your query.


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