We are temporarily not accepting orders online! Please visit any of our showrooms to view our sofas or make a purchase. We are temporarily not accepting orders online! Please visit any of our showrooms to view our sofas or make a purchase.

A sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture you will ever buy for your house. After all, everything else in the living room revolves around it. It is a piece of furniture where friends and family lounge, read, watch the television, eat and drink, hence it makes sense to spend more time in finding the sofa that provides ultimate comfort.

Here at Scanliving, we find that the best solution for a living room is either an Inclining Sofa or a Reclining Sofa. Though they may seem similar, there are some differences between both of them.


(Featured image: VALO 3 Seater Full Leather Recliner Sofa)

  • Recliner Sofa

A recliner sofa is a very versatile piece of furniture; it can be used for sitting and sleeping. It is perfect for relaxing after a long day at work and catching up on your favourite shows. With the advancement of technology, recliners do not need physical strength to operate the mechanism so people are able to recline their sofa easily. For a recliner sofa, the legs move up and out whilst the top half of the chair reclines backwards, hence you are able to lay completely flat. Having said, recliners tend to take up more space than regular sofas and chairs as they need a room at the back to recline. Some recliners require a power source to operate; hence you may be limited to where you can place your recliner.


(Featured image: HOJA L-Shape Full Leather Incliner Sofa)

  • Incliner Sofa

An incliner sofa allows us to put our feet up; however, the top half does not go backwards like a recliner. Instead, the portion of the sofa we are sitting on will slide forward as the leg rest moves up. An incliner sofa can be positioned closer to a wall, but it needs more space at the front since the top half will be sliding out.

 All in all, both recline and incline sofas provide great comfort and contentment, however, it must be based on your personality and preference to determine which type of sofa is suitable for you.


What are the benefits of leather sofas?

Good leather exhibits class and luxury, it fits in any home décor style that will provide years of use. A leather sofa usually gives an image of greater elegance and presence; leather colours keep their richness due to a special dyeing process that absorbs the colour into the material. Leather is easier to clean and usually kept cleaner than other types of sofas. Just use a damp cloth to wipe of the dust and vacuum once in a while and you’re done! Leather ages well and becomes softer and comfortable with time, the perfect combination of comfort and luxe.